About Us

B.Sc in Nursing is a professionally focused undergraduate course with a variety of higher education alternatives and employment opportunities as well. It is offered as a 4-year undergraduate programme (which includes eight semesters) for all students who have cleared class 12th from the stream of science.

The course primarily trains students to take care of the ill and diseased, and hence the curriculum includes topics such as applied biochemistry, applied nutrition and dietetics, applied anatomy, applied physiology, applied psychology, and applied sociology, First aid manual, Forensic nursing and Indian Laws and nursing subjects etc.

The aim of B.Sc Nursing course is to train students for generalist nursing practices. As part of their learning and training to become nurses, students learn about nature of the diseases, its treatment, rehabilitation and prevention, and also nutrition, family care, health promotion. The course enables graduates to think critically and clearly while still being compassionate, disciplined, and assertive, allowing them to adjust to various industries, healthcare delivery systems, and society’s changing needs.

Simulation will be integrated throughout the curriculum wherever applicable to enable them to develop competencies before entry into real field of practice. B.Sc nursing provides nurses with excellent career prospects and employment opportunities

Key differentiators of this program at PESU

  • Highly qualified and well experienced faculty members with real world experience
  • Top digital facilities in all class rooms that are technologically equipped for learning and teaching
  • World class infrastructure and laboratories enabling contemporary learning
  • The college is attached with a state-of-the-art parent hospital with all speciality beds and best in class equipment’s and facilities.